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Basic features

There's a lot to learn when you first get started with Docuo. We’ve put together this features glossary for terms that are unique to our platform to help you quickly understand our product advantages, and match your needs.

Git-based VersioningVersion docs in Git repo that keep it in sync with product releases
Multi-instance HostingHost multiple distinct sets of docs, e.g. cross-platform, sub-product
Dev-first code groupDisplay readable code snippets for 50+ languages with syntax highlighting
Interactive API PlaygroundPerform actual API requests directly from beautiful docs
Rich docs componentsPresent content with 20+ components that enhance user comprehension
Built-in Feedback & AnalyticsGain insights into user engagement and conversion points
Customized Styling & LayoutPersonalize your docs site that makes it look & feel like your brand
Advanced SearchingBring users to the right content and help them get what they want
Comprehensive SEO SupportExpand your business traffic through premium article content

For more information see Getting started.

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